Bujnicki lab - Funded grants

Projects funded by research grants:

  • FNP (TEAM): Modeling of dynamic interactions between RNA and small molecules and its practical applications (POIR.04.04.00-00-3CF0/16-00); 3 449 541 PLN; 2017-2020. PI: J.M.Bujnicki, vice-PI: F.Stefaniak
  • NCN (MAESTRO): Integrative modeling and structure determination of macromolecular complexes comprising RNA and proteins (2017/26/A/NZ1/01083); 3 500 000 PLN; 2018-2023. PI: J.M.Bujnicki, vice-PI: N.Chandran
  • NCN (OPUS): Development of new methods for designing RNA molecules that fold into desired spatial structures and their use for development of new functional RNAs and for prediction of noncoding RNAs in transcriptome sequences (2017/25/B/NZ2/01294); 1 494 250 PLN; 2018-2021. PI: J.M.Bujnicki, vice-PI: T.Wirecki
  • NCN (OPUS): A coarse-grained method for RNA 3D structure modeling, with emphasis on noncanonical base pairing. (2016/23/B/ST6/03433); 741 250 PLN; 2017-2020. PI: M.Boniecki
  • NCN (MINIATURA): Photoswitchable ligands for riboswitches (2018/02/X/NZ1/01468); 21670 PLN 2018-2019. PI: F.Stefaniak

Research funded by statutory funds of IIMCB:

  • Development and maintenance of databases for RNA modifications and structural biology of RNA
  • Development and maintenance of analytical methods and web servers for structural bioinformatics of RNA.
  • Experimental determination of structures and mechanisms of action for RNA molecules, their complexes, and for enzymes acting on RNA.