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Model your RNA

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Please, remember an RNA sequence OR an RNA structure is required to do prediction.

RNA structure (in the PDB format) to use in the simulation (as a starting point) [optional]:
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e.g. A:1-10,15,25-30 ; B:1-10 residues to freeze (they do not move in the simulation). Keep empty to allow moving all residues.

Restraints (in the SimRNA restraints format, text file, read more) [optional]
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restraints file loaded unmodified_tRNAPhe_restraints.txt

Advanced parameters

Number of steps simulation:
default = 500; max = 1000; min = 10, use only for a short RNA and testing
% of the lowest energy frames taken to clustering:
e.g. 1 (default value) indicates that 1% of the lowest energy frames of an input trafl will be subjected for clustering (where the remaining frames will be ignored)

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