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Full name: tRNA-queuine glycosyltransferase
Structures: | |
Enzyme type: hexose transferase
Position of modification - modification: t:34 - manQ
t:34 - galQ

Protein sequence:


Hexose-transferase (Htr). Utilizes GDP-mannose, GDP-galactose In tRNAAsp (anticodon QUC) and tRNATyr (anticodon QYA) from certain eukaryotic cells (e.g. mammalian hepatocytes), the nucleoside Q-34 is further hypermodified into a glycosylated derivative by tRNA-queuine glycosyltransferase. This enzymatic activity was detected in rat liver extract and Xenopus leavis oocytes but the protein was not purified.

Reaction Substrate SubstrateType Position (Anti)Codon Modified (Anti)Codon Amino Acid Change Transcript Name Transcript Region Cellular Localization References
Q:galQ tRNA (t) Tyr/GUA/prokaryotic cytosol 34
Q:manQ tRNA (t) Asp/GUC/prokaryotic cytosol 34


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