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NameHepatocellular carcinoma (A:m6A)
Descriptionm6A methylation of pri-miR126 enhances its recogntion by DGCR8 and its subsequent processing to mature miRNA. miR126 plays an important role in tumor metastasis by acting as a tumor suppressor. The downregulation of METTL14 in HCC cells leads to the decreased processing of pri-miR126 thus reducing its tumor-suppressor activity
Related RNA reactionA:m6A
Found in RNAmiRNA
Modified TranscriptmiR126
Mapping Technology
Quantification techniquesm6A dot blot assay, m6A immunoblotting

Enzymes connected to Hepatocellular carcinoma:

Acronym Full name Enzyme Role Organism Comment
METTL14 N6-adenosine-methyltransferase non-catalytic subunit tumor-suppressor Homo sapiens


ID Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
1040 METTL14 suppresses the metastatic potential of hepatocellular carcinoma by modulating N -methyladenosine-dependent primary MicroRNA processing. Jin-Zhao Ma Hepatology [details] 27774652 10.1002/hep.28885