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NamePancreatic cancer (A:m6A)
Descriptionm6A methylation is regulating apoptosis and chemo/radioresistance. Methylation of METTL3 target genes is inducing a decrease in apoptotic responses to GEM and it is also protecting from DNA damage after UVC.
Related RNA reactionA:m6A
Found in RNAmRNA
Modified TranscriptMAPK cascades, ubiquitin-dependent process, RNA splicing and regulation of the cellular process
Mapping Technology
Quantification techniques

Enzymes connected to Pancreatic cancer:

Acronym Full name Enzyme Role Organism Comment
METTL3 N6-adenosine-methyltransferase 70 kDa subunit oncogene Homo sapiens


ID Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
1103 The epitranscriptome m6A writer METTL3 promotes chemo- and radioresistance in pancreatic cancer cells. Kosuke Taketo Int J Oncol [details] 29345285 10.3892/ijo.2017.4219