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NameOsteoporosis (A:m6A)
DescriptionDecreased m6A level in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) induces pathological features of osteoporosis in mice (impaired bone formation, incompetent osteogenic differentiation potential, and increased marrow adiposity). PTH (parathyroid hormone)/Pth1r (parathyroid hormone receptor-1) signaling axis is an important downstream pathway for m6A regulation in MSCs. METTL3 loss of function reduces the translation efficiency of MSCs lineage allocator Pth1r and disrupts the PTH-induced osteogenic and adipogenic responses in vivo.
Related RNA reactionA:m6A
Found in RNAmRNA
Modified TranscriptPth1r
Mapping TechnologyMeRIP-seq
Quantification techniquesqRT-PCR

Enzymes connected to Osteoporosis:

Acronym Full name Enzyme Role Organism Comment
METTL3 N6-adenosine-methyltransferase 70 kDa subunit None Homo sapiens


ID Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
1100 Mettl3-mediated mA RNA methylation regulates the fate of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and osteoporosis. Yunshu Wu Nat Commun [details] 30429466 10.1038/s41467-018-06898-4