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About this service.

This "meta-server" gateway to various third-party programs/servers for protein structure prediction, has been developed in the Bujnicki laboratory in IIMCB, Warsaw, Poland. The credit for all programming goes to Michal Kurowski. We are grateful to developers of protein structure prediction services, whose publicly available servers and programs have been included in our meta-server - this service would not be possible without them. We thank the protein structure prediction community for inspiration, stimulation, and constructive criticism. We also thank those involved in development of the zope and mysql projects for providing the tools that allowed us to create this service.

There are at least three other similar services we know about, developed by Burkhard Rost, Leszek Rychlewski and Gilles Labesse. Each of the four meta-servers, including ours, is different. Each offers some options not available elsewhere. In our meta-server, we put the emphasis on careful processing of user-defined multiple sequence alignments and generation and assessment of preliminary 3D models based on fold-recognition alignments. We have also added prediction of transmembrane helices. Last, but not least, we offer secure connection and data transfer.

Please don't hesitate to contact us ( Janusz Bujnicki for all scientific and technical matters) if you have any questions about our meta-server.

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