Infrastructure, resources & services status updates

Maintenance works & outages progress details


Valid from: 2017-10-12 13:00 CEST
Expected end time: 2017-10-14 00:00 CEST
Actual end time: TBD

Due to yesterday's outage, intermittent outages during electric repairs may occur.

UPDATE: 2017-10-11 17:00 CEST
There is a number of failed PSUs in the servers so intermittent disruptions may still occur.


Valid from: 2017-10-11 06:00 CEST
Expected end time: 2017-10-11 17:00 CEST
Actual end time: 2017-10-11 21:00 CEST

Due to electrical circuit breaker that tripped we lost redundancy on our FC SAN and most front-end services were experiencing difficulties.
We were able to resolve the problem mostly.

UPDATE: 2017-10-11 17:00 CEST
Intermittent outages during electric repairs may occur tomorrow. A small handful of services remains unaccessible - on a storage array that needs a reliable power supply to perform data recovery.


Valid from: 2017-09-29 00:00 CEST
Expected end time: 2017-10-15 20:00 CEST
Actual end time: TBD after issues from 10.11 are resolved

Due to maintenance works on several of our storrage arrays, some services may be temporarily unavailable.

UPDATE: 2017-10-12 10:00 CEST
Yesterday's outage had us postpone the operation.

UPDATE: 2017-10-05 18:00 CEST
Replacement parts arrived late today. Therefore the operation time will be prolonged. At present no services are directly affected.